About wigs, some meats you need to know.

 The popularity of wigs began in the British royal family in the twelfth century. Later, the European royal family and nobles used them. Wearing wigs became a fashion for a while, and people rushed to follow this practice.

And now, especially in some countries in Europe and America, wigs have become a daily necessity for fashionable people, and they are as indispensable as fashion. Both Oscar superstars and ordinary people who want to pursue fashion love them and can afford them.

The high-end wig has a high degree of simulation. Its look and feel are difficult to distinguish from real human hair. Moreover, Its variety of shapes can adapt to your styling needs for different occasions and set off your various dresses, and make you irresistible in all occasions.


Types of hair

There are many materials that can be used to make wigs. Different ages and regions will use different materials, and certain wigs for specific purposes also have designated materials.

At present, wigs made on the market can be roughly divided into three categories: human hair, synthetic hair, and mixed hair.


Human hair: Human hair has good breath ability and moisture absorption, and its comfort and simulation are also high. It has a long service life and can be reshaped. It has a high melting point and is not easy to stick, which is more convenient to take care of. For real human hair, it is better to use the smooth hair of young girls who have not been bleached, dyed or stretched. However, it is costly and has relatively weak styling. If it is a hand-woven wig, the price will be slightly higher, but it is also affordable.

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Synthetic hair: its hair volume is more elastic and vibrant, the hair style memory effect is good, and it is easy to manage. But because it has a low melting point, it is easy to stick after rubbing, so it cannot be re-sculpted and has a shorter life span compared with human hair.


Mixed hair:Mixed hair is generally made by mixing human hair and synthetic/animal hair in a certain proportion. It has better styling effect, and it’s not easy to deform. So you can take care of it conveniently. Moreover, it is cheaper than real hair. But his simulation is not as natural as real human hair.


How to identify the material of hair?

Identification method of synthetic hair qualityCut some hair and burn it.

(*Be careful not to hold it by hand, otherwise there is a danger of burns)


If the hair does not go out automatically, it is a poor quality hair.

It is very dangerous if the hair not only burns but also drops molten material down.

Conversely, the shorter the burning time, the less the remaining material after burning, the better the raw material.


Identification method of human hair qualityusing your hands and eyes

Good human hair(virgin hair) has the following characteristics:

  • Cold to the touch
  • Soft and smooth texture
  • Natural gloss color

If you are not convinced by this alone, you can still take a pinch and burn it. You will find that real human hair will not be nodular after burning, but will turn into ashes. And the smell will not be so pungent.


Accessories for wigs: 

When buying wigs, the choice of accessories is particularly important, because they directly contact our scalp. If the safety performance is not up to standard, it is very likely to endanger our scalp health, and even cause serious consequences such as scalp skin allergies and disease.

Our wigs are made of skin-friendly materials, and the lace is also high-quality Swiss lace, so you can wear it with confidence.


Wig production process: 

Generally speaking, wig products are made from raw materials into finished products, which need to be processed through multiple processes such as cleaning, screening, classification, washing, and disinfection. Machine-made products need hundreds of processes from hair to products, not to mention hand-woven products, it is an extremely complex and delicate work. Craftsmen are required to manually fix the hair on the hair sleeve one by one according to the design requirements.


With the advancement of manufacturing technology, more and more types of wigs are available on the market. But the only constant is that the material of human hair will be an eternal classic. You can choose a human hair wig that suits you according to your actual situation.

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