Choose The Suitable Hair For You-- Read It Before You Buy (Part 2)




In the previous article, we mainly introduced the difference between various wig curvatures. If you have not browsed it, you can click here to jump to the first article in this series. This article mainly introduce the styles of different wigs and the suitable occasions of each wig.



I believe I don’t need to elaborate too much on the straight hair.If there is a voting for the curvature of the wig, I believe there is no doubt that the straight hair will win the championship. Many customers' first wigs are straight hair because they can do any curvature freely and hold the curl for longer. If you are a hair stylist, straight hair bleaching and dying will be much easier.Compared with other wigs, straight hair is easier to care for and has a longer life span.

Key Word: Free

Suitable Place: Every Occasion

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Body Wave

The curvature of the body wave is actually the largest of all the textures. Body wave is the most suitable hair for styling besides straight wig. The curl is very elegant and charming, because of this, he is actually the best wig for straightening. Many customers like to use a curling iron to roll out the curl that suits them.

Key Word: Elegant, Charming

Suitable Place: Every Occasion

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Water Wave

Imagine you wearing a sexy bikini unit, walking on the beach, the sea breeze hits, blowing your charming, moist curly hair. This is the idea that came to my mind the first time I saw water wave. Obviously, water wave is actually the most suitable hair curvature for wet.This wig suitable for the people who like “wet & wavy” looking .

Key Word:  Wet & Wavy

Suitable Place: Traveling, Dating

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Curly may be the wig with the smallest curvature. The curly here includes kinky curly, which uses very small curls to simulate the shape of black native hair. So it’s actually very suitable for students who are still in school but don’t want the teacher to find out that they are wearing wigs.(LOL, Reminds me of life in school) .At the same time, because of the smallest curl, curly tends to look fuller than other curls.

Key Word:  Fuller Looking, Natural

Suitable Place:  School, Daily Using

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Kinky Straight

Kinky Straight is a hairstyle that simulates the appearance of black curly hair after being straightened. So it is also a very natural kind of wig, suitable for people who like to straighten their hair but don’t have enough time for styling, and for those who like their own hair as natural but longer and fuller.

Key Word:  Fuller Looking, Natural

Suitable Place:  Daily Using

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Deep Wave

We can often see deep wave in the pictures of many internet celebrities, and many internet celebrities prefer long deep wave wigs. Deep wave is a very fashionable wave. It is more regular than curly and water. It is very suitable for wearing a tight fitting, then you will get a really sexy and slayy looking.

Key Word: Fashion, Celebrities’ love

Suitable Place: Party, Dating, Shopping

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Loose Wave & Loose Deep

Loose wave and loose wave are kind of “elastic rolls”, curls are bigger than curly and water wave, Its full of romance. Loose curl more suitable for the young lady, just like she wearing a long dress, tapping her toes on the grass while jumping, her hair fluttered with the wind. This type is full of vitality, bouncy and agile. Give your a charming looking.

Key Word: Vitality, Agile, Bouncy

Suitable Place: Dating, travel

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This article is the second article in a must-read series for novices. This articles mainly shows you the different styles of different textures. In the next article, we will introduce more details about “WHICH LENGTH IS SUITABLE FOR MY FACE?” If you are interested, subscribe us, you can get more valuable news in time!

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