How to install a wig perfectly?

Many people are not good at installing wigs by themselves, because they can't handle the hairline well, and wigs don't last long after installation. So they tend to go to the salon and pay the hairstylist to help them deal with the hair. Even if it takes a long time and is inconvenient. Over time, the money spent was “not travel”. So how to install the wig perfectly by yourself? So are there any tips for hair install? Read this article carefully, you will get some tips.


Before Wig Installation

Don't rush to install it when we receive the hair. Preparation in advance can help us make the hair more natural. You need to prepare the following tools.

  • Clip-Clamps
  • Tweezers
  • Hot comb
  • Head mannequin
  • Tail comb

First, take out the wig from the package, and put it on the Head mannequin,normally the wigs come in with free part, which means there is no clear parting space, do the parting part first is much more easily for the beginner, hot comb is your best helper. You can also do the parting space when you install it. Pin the wig on the mannequin, then its time to do the plucked hairline. Normally good quality wigs came in with already pre-plucked, but that kind of looking  can not fit everyone. Then I recommend you install it first then do a little bit more pluck. There are also many wigs came in wig no pre-plucked at all, so the hairline will looks too dense, which is not natural at all. Then we need to use our tweezers help us making a natural hairline. Its easy to do pluck when wig is dry. Because wet wig looks thinner, so its may cause us plucking too much, even to a bold looking. Use tweezers pluck the hair line,do not stay at the same place all the time. Stay 1-2s in each part and then use comb to check the looking all the time. If this is your first time to do pluck, you can try it first at a used wig.It takes time if you are new to pluck, but its worth to do, natural hair style is way more better than other things.


Wig install

After plucking, you can put it on first and use use eyeliner to point under the lace to help us determine the position of the hairline (hair already braided). Don’t rush to cut the lace. I don’t recommend you to cut the lace in advance, because this will cause the lace edge to be uncomfortable, or when you find the positions inappropriate,there is no remedy. Then move to the highlight part, use alcohol clean your forehead,put on the wig, In this step I recommend your cut off extra lace near around  the ear. Be careful here, please make sure to follow the shape of your own ears, so that there will be no wrinkles when processing the lace later. Then use glue on the forehead,people always said “three layers”, because three-layer glue can make the wig wear longer, the lace and forehead melt together perfectly. You may want to consider laying it down with heavy-duty hairspray at this part, like Got 2B Glued Blasting Freeze Spray. Wig glue works as well. However, I prefer the Got 2B spray because it’s easier to work with, much more forgiving and removes easily without causing damage to the hairline.


After Install

The following part is a optional choice. If you like baby hair, you can use small brush create baby hairs on your wig, it helps create a more realistic finish. Baby hair can also save some unnatural hairline. If you think which part of the lace is not trimmed properly, you can use baby hair to repair it. Another choice is for styling. If your wig is straight, you can choose whether to use a iron for styling. Or if your wig is curly , you can choose whether to use gels to wet the hair.


If you are a new to wigs, a high-quality wig will be easier for you. It should already been pre-plucked come with baby hair. The lace part is very natural and can melt with skin perfectly even without glue. Bleach knot is also a way to make wigs more natural. If you want to have such a wig, you can choose UEENLY wig, which has its own factory and can customize the hair according to your needs. Buy here can meet all your needs. Interested? Click there to buy.

  Ueenly hair            

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