Some Tips When You Wash Your Hair

Are you good at cleaning and caring wigs? Girls like to wear wigs because it brings us different styles. But some wrong methods may damage the hair and make it lose its original luster. In fact, as long as you master the correct washing method, you can perfectly take care of the wig and use a wig for a long time. In the follow method, I will share with you guys some experiences in how to nursing it. Hoping it will help the lady who loves beauty.


Before Washing


Before washing the wigs, We’d better use comb to go through it first, make sure there is no tangle. We can use wide-tooth brush instead of plastic comb. Because the plastic comb may easily pull the hair off. We can gently comb the hair from TOP to the END. This can help us removed the dirt and dust from the wig


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Water Temperature


We also have requirements for the water temperature used for wigs. The water temperature should not be too hot. Warm water is more suitable temperature (about 20 degrees, but not higher than 25 degrees) . In order to better care for wigs, we can dissolve some acidic shampoo in water. After mixing the liquid, lets move to the next step.

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Soaking & Washing

It is best to soak the wig in warm water for about 10 minutes, so as to achieve a good cleaning effect. Then, you can gently rinse it with your hands. Then use enough conditioner to give our wig a “spa”,waiting for 10 minutes then use our hand gently wash it. One thing we must pay attention to is that we must not scrub the wig vigorously.


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Air Dry

After washing, gently squeeze the extra water by hand, then wrap the wig with a clean&dry towel. Use the towel to remove the water, but remember DO NOT SCRUB the wig. When there is no extra water, we can put it on the mannequin head and AIR DRY it in a cool and ventilated place. This can reduce the damage of high temperature exposure. We don’t recommend you use hair blower to dry the hair, it might cause the shedding. AIR DRY always the best way.



✮Do Not Use Comb After Washing. It is a wrong practice to comb the wig immediately after washing it, which will inadvertently damage the wig. We'd better take care of it after it's done. 

✬How to Care Damaged Wig? If your hair wigs are damaged, dry, frizzy, or knotted (don't pull hard to prevent broken the hair), we can use a wig-specific care spray , and then comb it. But we’d better not to wash and comb it to much, because it will cause great damage to the wig.


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