As one of the biggest wig manufactures, UEENLY Hair not only focusing on providing superior service and products to the retail customers, but also committed to give the attractive and reasonable price to the wig wholesalers. We can help our customers set up their competition advantages and consolidate position in their local wig market.

      I.Company-owned Factory with a Stable Supply Capacity

First of all, we have our own factory, which can guarantee the capable of supplying. Stable supply capacity is the cornerstone of building a long-term cooperative relationship. Especially during the peak season or in the special period. In addition to good product, a stable supply of goods is another main factors to win in every business lines.


      II.Shipment from Factory with Lowest Wholesale Price
Second, there is no middleman to exploit your profits, because we can directly deliver goods with the lowest wholesale price to your warehouse from our factory , the first-hand wholesale price allows you to establish a price advantage among any other people in the same trade quickly.

      III.Drop shipping service
Third, We offer drop shipping service, which will make it much easier to begin your own hair business. We do offer ODM/OEM service as well, if you want to start your own hair business but have no relevant experience and high-quality supplies, our drop shipping service will help you solve those problems.


 IV. Fast Shipping 
Last but not least, Fast shipping, which makes the goods on your store's shelves timely. We have multiple collaborations with professional international logistics, such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, GES, TNT, etc. Our close cooperation means that we can ensure the prompt and timely transportation. New batch hits shelves timely is one of the best guarantee for establishing your store advantages


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